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Part I: Why Pharma CX Visionaries Look to Digital Transformation

When 2019 began, the pharmaceutical world was talking about the affordability of healthcare, moving to value-based healthcare, and debating whether or not AI had legs in the high stakes world of pharmaceuticals. As this year comes to a close, we looked back at our body of work for our pharmaceutical clients to see what came to fruition within these trends.

We found a common theme. As pharmaceutical leaders work to meet the evolving demands of both health care professionals and patients, the innovators are relying more and more on automation, so time from precious resources could be better spent on higher value work, focus could be spent on customer experience, and productivity gains could impact the bottom line.

This movement to automate repetitive, predictable tasks, digitize data, and act on the story that data tells you is called digital transformation. Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way pharmaceuticals improve patient safety, bring products to market, ensure compliance, secure acquisition, and improve the overall health of the business operations.

Visionary customer experience owners within pharmaceutical organizations see the writing on the wall – the ones who work smarter will be the first ones to have impact. And impact can come in the form of keeping patients safe, grabbing market share, or staying compliant.

If you’re drinking the digital transformation Kool-Aide and want to get started, the first step is to understand exactly what’s driving your digital transformation journey. In this series we lay out the most common digital transformation triggers and drivers we’ve seen within our pharmaceutical clients and explain how they can affect your journey. The hope is that the better you understand where you are, the more effective you’ll be at getting where you want to be. Read part two of the series by clicking here.

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