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CEO Roundtable on Cancer Gold Standard

Earlier this year, Alphanumeric Systems Inc. was proud to announce that we had earned the Cancer Gold Standard Employer Accreditation from the CEO Roundtable on Cancer. This prestigious accreditation is only awarded to companies that can demonstrate a commitment to providing their employees with comprehensive and holistic cancer support services. In this blog post, I'd like to take a moment to explain what the Cancer Gold Standard is and why it's such an important achievement for our company.

Back in 2001, President Bush and Mrs. Barbara Bush led the foundation for the National Dialogue on Cancer, which eventually developed into the CEO Roundtable on Cancer. The group’s first major initiative, “CEO Cancer Gold Standard™, encourages organizations to evaluate their health benefits and corporate culture and take extensive, concrete actions in five key areas of health and wellness to fight cancer in the workplace”

According to the CEO Roundtable on Cancer “The Gold Standard is a workplace wellness accreditation program developed by the CEO Roundtable on Cancer that encourages and celebrates organizations committed to reducing the risk and burden of cancer among employees, families, and communities. The Gold Standard offers an evidence-based framework for organizations to provide a healthier workplace by focusing on cancer risk reduction, early detection and high-quality care.”

The Cancer Gold Standard is a framework that outlines best practices for cancer support services. It includes five pillars: health education and navigation, prevention and early detection, advancing treatment, survivorship, and well-being. To earn the accreditation, companies must be able to show that they are providing employees with comprehensive support in all of these areas.

Additionally, “The Gold Standard is based on the latest scientific evidence and evolves to ensure the framework that promotes the adoption of the best benefits and policies to maximize positive health outcomes for employees, families and communities.”

At Alphanumeric, we are committed to providing our employees with the best possible cancer support services. We offer a comprehensive health insurance plan that covers all of the costs associated with cancer treatment, from diagnosis to survivorship. We also have a robust wellness program that helps employees maintain their physical and emotional health during treatment and beyond. In addition, our employees have access to a team of cancer navigation specialists who can help them navigate the complex healthcare system and find the resources they need.

Earning the Cancer Gold Standard Employer Accreditation is a testament to our commitment to providing our employees with the best possible cancer support services. It is an honor to be recognized by the CEO Roundtable on Cancer as a leader in this area, and we will continue to work hard to ensure that our employees have the resources they need to thrive.

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