Pharmacovigilance 102: Basics

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Pharmacovigilance is an aspect of healthcare that ensures the safety and well-being of patients. Monitoring after release ensures no harm comes from these drugs, so they can continue doing what needs done without being limited by their potential risks or side effects in a way that could jeopardize someone's life if not stopped immediately upon noticing something amiss with one’s health while taking this medication.

Pharmacovigilance is the science and activity of monitoring the safety of drugs during their development. This includes identifying, assessing, and managing potential risks associated with drug therapy. Pharmacovigilance professionals work to identify any potential risks associated with a drug and then take steps to mitigate those risks. This may involve working with the manufacturing company to change the design of a drug or changing the way a drug is studied in humans. The safety profile starts right from the get-go of clinical studies and continues all the way through to when a drug is released onto the market.

Pharmacovigilance is a critical aspect of ensuring patient safety. By monitoring the safety of drugs and identifying potential risks, pharmacovigilance professionals help to ensure that patients are protected from harm. In addition, pharmacovigilance can help to improve the quality of care that patients receive. By identifying and addressing potential risks associated with a drug, pharmacovigilance professionals can help to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

Pharmacovigilance is not just limited to monitoring adverse effects. They are also responsible for reviewing efficacy, non-efficacy, and any unexpected effects that may occur from the use of a drug. This is an important aspect of ensuring that patients receive the safest and most effective treatment possible.

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