What is a Positive Patient Experience?

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Positive Patient Experience

The goal of a drug development process is to make a safe and effective product that treats or prevents a disease. When a product is approved and released into the market (i.e. goes from clinical trials to product launch), processes and support teams are established to do the following:

  1. Assure patients can easily receive the answers to their questions.
  2. Share their experiences back to the pharmaceutical company efficiently.

Through those support teams, pharmaceutical companies are able to engage with their patients and consumers. Patients will receive product information by talking to experts while pharmaceutical companies learns about patients’ experiences which will help improve the safety of products and comply with regulatory requirements. Those contact centers which provide patient support are in a unique position to provide direct patient interaction, and ideally create a positive patient experience.

At Alphanumeric, we have a formula for patient support: Compassion + Efficiency = Happy, adherent patients. Every patient needs to be helped compassionately and efficiently to be happy. With happy patients, compliance and adherence to medical advice and medication regimen will also increase, which is beneficial to both patients and manufacturers of medicines. According to the article, “Importance of Patient Adherence and Compliance in the Present Day,” from MedCrave, patient adherence as it relates to “dosage, timing, and frequency of medication,” all lead to better therapeutic outcomes. While non-adherence of regimens “increases the number of cases of resistance, morbidity, and mortality.”


When someone is concerned about their health, they want to be heard and know their pain matters. We can all relate to this experience; when we don’t feel well, we need kindness. We appreciate a warm welcome and a kind smile.

During the pandemic, people with health concerns are having to rely more and more on remote interactions. This article, “Are consumers already living the future of health?,” by Deloitte claimed “COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption and use of virtual health channels.” Because of COVID-19, the need for information has grown significantly, causing us to reimagine how we provide a positive patient interaction that is far above expectations. We need to provide our patients with support and commitment that they can rely on and a positive outcome. Every patient matters.

Every interaction with a patient is an opportunity to help, and each patient deserves the utmost care. At Alphanumeric, our frontline experts are educated and supported by Quality Assurance and Compliance teams. In training and everyday monitoring, they learn the skills to support patients with empathy while staying compliant.


When thinking about patient experience, most consider efficiency from a business perspective. Many support centers use automation and self-help to reduce cost. We see this in our daily life with every help desk we call.

When Alphanumeric thinks about efficiency, it’s different. It’s about saving time and effort for the patient. Answering calls or chats faster, solving patients’ issues right the first time, and reducing total resolution time is about efficiency from the patient’s perspective. Efficiency should translate to simplicity for the patient when solving their concern. Fewer steps, fewer transfers, less worry to get an answer makes for a happy adherent patient. Handling a patient’s issue fast is key, but still not enough.

At Alphanumeric, we help clients modernize their contact center solutions with cloud-based, omni-channel, automated solutions. Once you have that in place, we can even implement artificial intelligence that helps you create efficient patient communication and solve patient concerns in the fewest steps possible. The Alphanumeric Virtual Assistant provides patients with personalized answers 24x7x365. Streamlining operations, reducing hold time, and empowering patients, provides for a positive patient experience.

Handling a patient’s issue fast and accurately is key, but not where Alphanumeric ends the patient journey.


At Alphanumeric, quality assurance goes beyond solving a patient’s issues. Our focus is on providing a better patient experience that eliminates issues before they arise and ultimately, providing positive patient outcomes. We have a method that has proven itself time and time again as shown by our global customer satisfaction that hovers around 97%. 

You can begin to (or further) assess the patient journey you are providing by using the Alphanumeric CX Ops Framework. Taking the time to reimagine your patients’ experience, incorporating automation, and putting patient-centered care at the forefront of your solutions will enable your patients to get the support they need, remain adherent, and stick with you.

We’d love to help you take the next step in the right direction with automation and self service today.

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