Empowering Patients and Healthcare Professionals with Technology

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Advancements in the Life Sciences Field

It's no secret that technology has had a profound impact on nearly every aspect of our lives. The way we work, the way we play, and the way we connect with others have changed drastically in recent years due to technological advancements. And life sciences are no exception. In fact, technology is playing an increasingly important role in both the patient experience and interactions between patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs). 

Omnichannel Strategy 

It's time to focus on empowering both patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) with technology and tools. This will help drive success for patient experiences and overall business objectives. With the influx of volume coming in on channels like phone, social, and chat, companies are being forced to reimagine their patient experience. This is where our Alphanumeric Omnichannel Framework comes in. It can help you map your patient journey, craft a plan to personalize and automate content, measure and analyze data, create an educated patient experience team, and provide 24/7 support. Implementing this framework will help you digitally transform your organization and incorporate intelligent automation, AI, and self-service to address what your patients and customers need. 

Self-Service Tools  

Self-service tools and strategies are becoming increasingly important in the life sciences industry as customer queries continue to rise. Without efficient self-service tools, companies can experience overwhelmed customer support teams, longer wait times, and negative customer experiences. However, with the right technology in place, companies can empower both patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) with the tools they need to streamline their operations and deliver excellent customer service. 

Virtual Assistant 

Life sciences companies must focus on empowering patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) with technology in order to achieve success. Offering a virtual assistant that can meet the needs of patients 24/7 and improve customer support is one way to empower patients. The Alphanumeric Virtual Assistant is 89% accurate, beating the 68% industry average. Implementing the Alphanumeric Virtual Assistant on over 30 US websites has yielded successful results. Learn more about how to empower patients and HCPs with technology here. 

Modernized Contact Center Platform 

Making the decision to upgrade your contact center platform is critical to providing an excellent customer experience. A modernized platform can connect you with more customers, improve patient and healthcare provider satisfaction, increase call volume, and secure more revenue. Alphanumeric has partnered with life sciences companies around the globe to provide just that - a modernized customer experience through automation and streamlined data. You can read more about the success and results our clients have seen by clicking here.  

AI-Ready Knowledge Management 

In order to empower patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) with the technology, they need for success, life sciences companies should focus on AI-ready knowledge management. By understanding which knowledge is meant for internal audiences and which is meant for external audiences, it becomes easier to keep medical information separate from any knowledge that would be used for commercial purposes. Once this distinction is made, all disparate sources of knowledge can be brought into one system. The external knowledge can often be housed in a CRM like Salesforce and internal in a medical information system like Veeva Vault. The organization of the knowledge should be structured in a way that is optimized for a bot to use it. Additionally, companies need to constantly shape new knowledge for any requests that were not able to be resolved by the bot. This focus on AI-ready knowledge management will help companies locate accurate information faster and improve accuracy as their HCPs, agents, and chatbots continue to use it. 

Human-Centered Service 

Making the decision to focus on empowering patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) with technology can seem like a daunting task, but it is one that is necessary for success in today's digital age. By understanding the channels that patients are using and meeting them there, life sciences companies can provide an empathetic customer experience that drives business objectives. Additionally, meeting customer needs linguistically is critical to providing an excellent customer experience. Finally, empathy for patients should be at the core of every interaction. By understanding these three key points, life sciences companies can make the decision to focus on empowering patients and HCPs with technology a successful one. 

Though our data reports we live most of our lives digitally, we still crave human interaction at our core. Therefore it is so important for life sciences companies to focus on empowering patients and HCPs with technology and a human connection. By doing so, they are meeting customer needs in the channels that they are using while also providing an excellent customer experience. Fulfilling these two objectives is essential for success in the life sciences industry. 

Customer Experience Matters 

We know that the patient experience matters. We need to focus on empowering both patients and HCPs with technology and tools which will drive success for patient experiences and overall business objectives. Patient empowerment through technology can create a better experience for all involved in the healthcare process. Delivering a frictionless patient experience can improve patient outcomes, build long-term equity, and improve brand loyalty. 

In order to keep up with today's patient expectations, you need an improved customer experience that will satisfy patients and boost your business' bottom line. At Alphanumeric, we are committed to helping businesses like yours make their mark in this rapidly changing industry. We have the expertise and resources necessary to provide you with an exceptional customer experience - let us show you what we can do! 

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