AI Transforms Support Effectiveness

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The Challenge

Data scattered across systems and disjointed learning efforts made it difficult for internal support teams to provide effective support of the 450 Microsoft O365 applications used by its workforce. No continuous learning after product launch, no centralized training effort, disparate, duplicate data in spreadsheets, one-off articles, and documentation, finding the right content was time-consuming and prone to error, resources were consumed with reinventing the wheel.

The Solution

Alphanumeric led digital transformation of customer support model featuring…

Virtual assistant

  • For internal-facing agents to zero in on accurate information needs for resolution

AI-ready knowledge base

  • Featuring mature natural language processing (NLP) based on lexicon structure that maps to telecom industry and company language

Continuous machine learning

  • So that every time that question is asked the bot gets smarter

The Results

  • Chatbot helped internally-facing agents zero in on accurate content quickly

  • 31% improvement in average handling time
  • Shrunk re-training learning curve by 41%
  • Confidence level of zeroing in on accurate info rose from 71% to 92%

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