Speed Agent Time To Value

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The Challenge

Existing training protocols didn’t support training globally for multilingual service desks. The client also wanted a solution that would encourage end-user adoption and engagement and was easy to manage.

The Solution

Alphanumeric created a solution that mapped directly to these requirements, providing employees with access to over 430 client-specific training modules and over 2,500 additional off-the-shelf modules. These cover a range of topics, from technology application training to customer service to leadership skills.

Custom e-learning content meant tailoring content to unique requirements was a breeze for managers and training coordinators

  • Several modules can be grouped to form a defined curriculum

Visual and interactive learning

  • Several modules can be grouped to form a defined curriculum

Powerful analytics

  • Managers can easily track the team’s progress, high performers, top modules, and more!

Customized, interactive interface to robust learning management system (LMS)

  • Hosts designated training modules

  • Provides a space for bulletins and communications for end-users

  • Encourages rapid e-learning and continuous improvement

Learn-at-your-own-pace format

  • Agents can tackle training at a pace that works for them and allows users to redo modules for better comprehension or review

Intuitive course assignment system

  • Makes setup and management easy

Quizzes at the end of the module

  • Improves retention

The Results

  • Easy assignment of pre-determined training packages to new agents drastically shortened the learning curve and transformed onboarding

  • Now service desk agents stay up to speed, eliminating the time it used to take to get them performing at the highest levels
  • Powerful data about the team’s engagement and performance around the curriculum directly fed future learning strategy, so the user experience could be constantly improved.

  • And the primary goal of increasing first-call resolution rates was achieved!
  • The Alphanumeric solution was such a success, it was replicated across IT team leads and customer service teams!

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