Physicians Network Boosts Growth

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The Challenge

The hospital was attracting top-notch providers to join its physician network and viewed them as the front lines of quality patient care. They needed to provide the highest levels of support, and the hospital’s tech support staff was maxed.

The Solution

After diving deep with the hospital to understand physician and clinic requirements, we delivered everything they needed to support the full life cycle of the technology infrastructure – from procurement and installation, through refresh and disposal.

Remote monitoring and a 24×7 service desk for quick issue resolution

  • We remove any friction that keeps doctors and office staff from providing quality patient care

Support of cloud-based electronic medical records solution

  • Hosting for email and Microsoft Office products

Service desk talent versed in HIPAA

  • Ensures compliance and patient information privacy

Alphanumeric transition teams conduct thoughtful, methodical on-boarding of new practices

  • Brings them up to standards and learns any unique requirements via an inventory of office equipment and software

  • Takes less than one month to complete the process, including training practice staff

Laser-focused troubleshooting on-site via technician dispatch

  • Resolves issues in under two hours

We serve as the single point of contact for the managed workplace

  • Assures them quality support and removes the burden of the details required to make that happen

The Results

  • Increased number of providers on the network from just five physicians to 36 practices with more than 150 providers in 14 months!

  • Physicians had more time to focus on patient care, not technology hassles

  • Alphanumeric managed the implementation risk, stayed on top of emerging technology, and ensured a scalable architecture
  • The ability to quickly add physicians grew hospital’s revenue stream and growth goals

  • Hosted model meant the hospital made no upfront investment in the technology infrastructure and support
  • Physicians in the hospital’s network receive expert end-user support with the highest service levels

  • Physicians realized the cost-benefits of being part of a large hospital system when buying technology

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