Contact Center Drives Patient Adherence & Revenue

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The Challenge

A $30B science-led global healthcare company who researches, develops, and manufactures pharmaceutical medicines, vaccines, and consumer healthcare products wanted to be one of the world’s most innovative and trusted healthcare companies. The technical disadvantages of a 20-year-old contact center reported poor patient experience and increasing patient drop-off rates due to lack of programming, knowledge, and efficacy. They needed to… meet a critical timeline, or face a year setback, be able to handle diverse patient issues, modernize a technology stack, and automate processes, ensure patient compliance, and encourage patient engagement.

The Solution

Contact center platform modernization featured automation, systems, data integration, and deep healthcare and customer experience talent. Outbound patient compliance support service to improve patient adherence.


  • Integration of automated, cloud-based call center platform
  • Omni-channel approach with addition of chat and social
  • Integrated systems data into one view


  • Automated outbound calling
  • Standardized and automated manual processes
  • Automated speech recognition and standardizing of manual processes

Rapid Response

  • Staffed the contact center with agents skilled in both healthcare and customer experience
  • Implemented across five contact centers, in months!


The Results


Streamlined data between systems

75% reduction in downtime reduced lost calls, avoiding revenue loss of more than $1M
 Volume increased by 40% by adding additional channels



Automated speech recognition improved accuracy and speed of 100K calls/year

Automated outbound calling helped secure revenue of product valued over $9M
Resourcing costs remained the same even though volume increased




Utilization of technology to reach customers through omni-channel efforts

Significant increase in patient compliance rates
Increase in patient engagement through training and programs centered on medication use and adherence


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