Launch MI Contact Center During Pandemic

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The Challenge

For this client, training the entire medical information team at home and bringing this mission critical service live – 100% virtual – was a first.
And we did it while knocking every KPI out of the park! 60+ drugs & 7 therapeutic areas, pandemic meant virtual everything, and client wanted a partnership.

The Solution

Our medical information solutions provide patients, HCPs, and internal sales reps with
information on access, affordability, treatment, and support.

Entrepreneurial culture attracts top talent

  • We have a knack for drawing in HCPs who are craving the ability to impact patients’ lives. And we grow leaders internally. This combo draws talent that makes a difference.

Virtual hypercare boosts agent confidence

  • We empowered agents with cheat sheets, virtual team chats, role play, and online support to make sure they were ready for anything that would come their way.

Experienced agents improve resolution

  • With an emphasis on injecting PharmDs and experienced call center agents into the frontline, we were able to transform first call resolution and lower abandon rates.

Human-centered interactions improve quality

  • We transformed interactions from one-way scripts to an interactive, digitally-powered approach that anticipates real-world scenarios and provides efficient workflows for better resolution.

Training model shortens learning curve

  • Our training model synthesized call volume across a complex landscape of therapeutic areas and drugs to shorten the learning curve and maximize coverage.

Remote operations is part of our DNA

  • While COVID-19 forced many into remote operations, we chose this more than a decade ago as an incentive for great performance. We are pros in delivering virtual contact centers that deliver.

The Results


Improved the abandon rate to 2% (down 6% in just one quarter)


Increased the CSAT 14%


CSAT is holding steady at 97%! 


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