Virtual Assistant Provides Answers 24-7

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The Challenge

Digitally transform a Global Response Center that would grant patients access to fully-compliant, structured information 24/7/365. The streamlined solution needed to… standardize repetitive requests, drive transactions to a self-service model, and allow agents to turn their attention to higher-value initiatives.

The Solution

An omnichannel, AI-packed solution to meet our client’s needs.

Accurate Results

  • Natural language processing (NLP) in 38 languages
  • Understands complex dialogs and conversational intent
  • Lexicon packed with everyday language & life science language!

Fully Compliant

  • Compliance and regulatory committee involved from the start
  • Screening for adverse events
  • Frees up agents to focus on higher value initiatives

Streamline Operations

  • Constantly adapts its knowledge base
  • Ability to transfer to live agent
  • Transforms patient experience


The Results


4,000+ questions answered


Average deflection rate 71%



Average accuracy rate 86%

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